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Experience the profound benefits of ALT as we improve your immunity, increase your overall wellness and improve your energy level. 

Whether you seek relief from chronic conditions, desire post-surgical recovery support, or simply wish to enhance your overall well-being, our team is here to guide you on your wellness journey.

Experience the profound benefits of ALT as we help you regain balance, improve immune function, and increase your energy levels. With our advanced techniques and compassionate approach, we aim to help you unlock the full potential of your lymphatic system, allowing you to thrive and achieve a renewed sense of vitality.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Discover the remarkable benefits of Assisted Lymphatic Therapy at Health Happens.

As a highly trained therapist, I am dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to your unique needs. 

 Our cutting-edge approach to wellness focuses on enhancing your body's natural detoxification system and optimizing lymphatic flow. ALT is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that utilizes precise manual techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting detoxification, reducing inflammation, and supporting overall health and vitality.

Welcome to Health happens, where we offer the transformative power of Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT).

The lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels, lymph nodes, and organs extending
 throughout your body. The lymphatic system moves over three liters of fluid each day! Unlike your circulatory system which has your heart to pump blood, your lymphatic system does not have a pump to keep the fluid moving. Therefore, it is common for lymph to occasionally become stagnant and create congestion. This congested lymphatic fluid is known as inflammation. For some, that congestion occurs much more frequently and can cause more serious problems. Inflammation can be dangerous because it is the basis for most chronic illnesses. Impairment of the lymphatic system will lead to excess toxicity, inflammation, fluid accumulation, immune system weakness, and delayed healing from injuries or surgery.

The Amazing Lymphatic System

Did You Know That Most Ailments Can Be Linked To The Lymphatic System And A Compromised Immune System?

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Assisted Lymphatic Therapy


Improve Your Lymphatic System And Enjoy Multiple Health Benefits.

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