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ALT and ELT Therapy are the same therapy. We prefer to use the term ALT, as ELT is a more outdated industry term.

Clients that have the following cannot receive ALT: pacemaker, pregnancy, breastfeeding, DVT, congestive heart failure, immunosuppressant drugs, dialysis, open wounds, accute infections, and cochlear implants.

Yes, ALT helps with excema by helping detox the liver. The overwhelmed liver will contribute to most skin disorders.

ALT helps reduce varicose veins by reducing the inflammation and increasing circulation to the extremity.

Lyme patients struggle with severe inflammation in various parts of the body. ALT dissolves inflammation and increases the immune response.

You should wait 48 hours or you will risk flushing it out.

Working on a baker's cyst with ALT will reduce the cyst.

ALT can help with the reduction of fluid and clearing out the inflammation in the ear.

The lymphatic system plays an important role in immunity by removing waste material, supplying essential nutrients, and fighting infection. The whole immune function is compromised if the lymphatic system is congested. ALT can boost your immunity up to 200% by decongesting the Lymphatic System and assisting the lymph to flow freely.