Our Story

Stephanie Kowalski founded Health Happens in 2022 to offer Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT) to the residents of Wilson County and surrounding areas. Stephanie discovered ALT during her search for natural wellness solutions to treat the debilitating back pain she had endured for several years.   The results she achieved after a few ALT sessions were so exciting that she decided to become a Certified Lymphatic Therapist to help others looking for natural alternatives to treat a variety of ailments or anyone looking to improve their overall wellness.   Stephanie believes that a healthy lymphatic system is a key element of good health, and that ALT is the key to a healthy, well-functioning lymphatic system.

The growth that Health Happens experienced over the past year has enabled Stephanie to move into new space and to begin offering other wellness services that compliment ALT, including Infrared sauna, massage and health coaching.   We truly believe that Everyone Deserves to Be Well.

Meet Your Therapist

Stephanie has always been passionate about helping others. Her servant heart led her to serve in our Armed Forces, volunteer in the community and teach others the blessed Truth of our Lord Jesus. She found true passion in Health and Wellness 17 years ago. Through her own health journey, she discovered the amazing benefits of ALT and thus began her mission to help others to experience the same benefits. She believes we all deserve to "Be Well" and enjoys helping others be the best version of themselves.